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Flyte New Media: Web Design and Internet Marketing for Small Business

By Laura - Freelance Writer - Article Added ( 09/30/2009 )

At the heart of every successful business lies carefully planned web design and intelligent marketing. Flyte new media, one of Maine’s premier Web design and Internet marketing companies, has been working under the direction of President Rich Brooks to aid small businesses in launching websites, Web marketing campaigns and improving search engine optimization (SEO).

Flyte new media believes in integrating all the resources available across the Internet in order to create success, including websites, e-mail newsletters, business blogs, and social media. Flyte can help any new company, or any company looking for a new approach, to create an attractive and accessible website. In addition to designing websites, flyte provides services in creating email marketing templates, business blogs, and has a team of artists to design your company logo.

Whether it’s a custom design or one of their popular budget-conscious ProSites, flyte builds its Web sites on content management system (CMS) platforms so that businesses can update their Web sites through any modern browser. flyte also provides free consultations to prospective clients.

At flyte, they understand that having a website is not enough. Even the best company with the best product will not succeed without a web strategy. Flyte takes an approach called, “Holistic Web Marketing.” This approach includes SEO to guarantee that your website comes first up against the competition, and web strategy consulting for the customers whose websites are underperforming. Combining these elements with attractive website design, email marketing, and a business blog, constitutes Holistic Web Marketing. flyte will also set up traffic reports and help businesses read and understand these reports to continually improve their online activity.

Flyte prides itself on its commitment to educating small business owners on the changing landscape on Web marketing. It does this through its monthly email newsletter, flyte log, its flyte blog: Web marketing strategies for small business, and regular Webinars. In addition, president Rich Brooks is often out speaking throughout Maine and the United States on Web marketing tactics.

For a comprehensive approach towards web marketing, no one is more thorough than Flyte New Media. As they say, “At flyte, we don’t build Web sites, we build businesses.

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