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By Laura - Freelance Writer - Article Added ( 07/10/2009 )

Founded in 1999, Lifelong Marketing has continuously built its reputation as the premier choice in Maine custom online marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). For a decade, Lifelong has provided companies with the highest standard of customer service and the finest and most attractive online advertisements. Lifelong Marketing promises excellence in all fields, and at Lifelong, the client’s vision takes priority at the forefront of each and every step of the design & development process.

Lifelong Marketing offers a wide variety of services including Website Design, the creation of a Content Management System, the building of Custom Applications, and search engine optimization (SEO). From the font to the layout, each aspect of the website is carefully scrutinized and uniquely tailored to the client’s needs. All this is done with the target audience in mind. For those trying to maintain an attractive and up to date webpage, Lifelong Marketing creates a user friendly Content Management System. The browser based Content Management System allows the client to quickly update images and edit website content from any location with an internet connection. Perhaps one of the more exceptional services Lifelong Marketing provides is its creation of the Custom Application. Lifelong Marketing builds some intricate applications to meet its clients’ needs, from fulfillment center inventory databases to reporting systems. Lifelong Marketing also provides SEO for clients of every budget, they help clients gain the exposure they need to become successful.

One quality that truly sets Lifelong Marketing apart from other companies is its devotion to the client. Many other professional marketing companies are slow in their turnaround time, but Lifelong Marketing promises prompt and personalized contact. Lifelong Marketing can produce a mock-up in just seven days. If there are any problems or concerns in the design process, Lifelong Marketing developers are ready and willing to help.

Experience plays a key role in Lifelong Marketing’s accomplishment. It stands with a decade of success behind it, and is always looking to employ the latest technology and design techniques. Lifelong has provided services to such companies as Del Monte, Proctor & Gamble, Alpine Investors, and many more. The superior service that Lifelong Marketing has provided in Maine SEO and other online marketing ventures has gained it a loyal following, and a constant influx of new clients looking for the best company to give them the exposure they need.

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