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Maine Lobster and Seafood: An Industry and Community

By Laura - Freelance Writer - Article Added ( 02/23/2009 )

Maine Lobster and Seafood: An Industry and Community

Maine lobster and seafood, as any coastal Mainer knows, is a fixture of our local economy.  Well over 5,000 local workers are employed as lobster or seafood harvesters, and other local businesses, such as restaurants and lobster retailers, bring the Maine seafood catch to the general public.

In addition to the primary industry of Maine seafood itself, material support of the Maine lobster industry also plays a large part in our local economy.  Lobster traps generally cost at least $50, and are the primary tool of the industry.  In the Gulf of Maine, a lobsterman can have up to 800 traps operating at a particular time.  The harbor industries, boats, rope and buoy manufacturers, and others all depend on the lobster industry to continue using their products.  Thus, marine outfitters, boat makers, and local service industries are all closely linked to the Maine seafood industry.

Much of our local culture is also influenced by the marine community and the Maine lobster and fishing industry.  The ropes and colorful buoys that decorate many homes in coastal Maine are likely left over from retired members of the fishery fleet.  Anyone traveling through coastal Maine will notice the variety of effects and influences that nautical and marine terminology and culture have had on our community.  Undeniably, Maine’s coastal towns owe much of their current status to the industry that revolves around our neighbor, the ocean.

Maine lobster is known throughout the United States as a quality product for the great many of those who choose to consume it.  However, it may be less obvious to some out-of-state folks that other marine and fishery products are also a staple of the Maine industry.  In fact, Maine's thriving tourism itself may owe much to the local lobster and seafood industry.  Perhaps a family from a faraway state has a dinner of Maine lobster and decides to travel here to see how such a meal arrives on their plate.  Those who do decide to visit Maine will see the complex economy that surrounds the lobster industry and those who depend on it.

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Who Cares
Posted by Liz, August 14, 2009 - 07:07 am

Lobsters are yummmmy!!!!!

Lobster Rats Of The Sea
Posted by Dave, March 21, 2009 - 12:05 pm

Didn't people feed lobsters to slaves in the 1800's?

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