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Bombay Mahal Restaurant
Phone: 207-729-5260
Address: 99 Maine St
Brunswick, Maine 04011-2012
Years In Biz: Less Then 1 Year
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Bombay Mahal Restaurant Business Profile:

Many people associate the word spicy with curry. Although the portrayal is partly true since no other food is so inextricably linked with aroma and flavor of exotic spices than the Indian cuisine. The word curry is often used while describing Indian food. Therefore, it becomes important for us to explain what the word curry means. Bombay Mahal uses the word curry for its sauces containing basic spices. To define "curry" however is another matter, this word which has no direct translation into any of India's fifteen languages is English in origin. The word usually describes limited combinations of spices used to flavor food in the Indian manner.

Bombay Mahal's menu is a balanced mixture of entrees from various regions of India. The regional styles of cooking are mainly dictated by geographical factors such as proximity to the sea and the produce grown in the particular terrain.

Bombay Mahal welcomes you to a taste of the East!

Fine Indian Cuisine

Open Daily
Lunch is Served from 11 to 3
Dinner from 3 to 930
Weekend Buffet on Saturday and Sunday, 11am to 3pm

Category: Food & Dining


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