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Adult Education in Maine: A World of Opportunity

By Laura - Freelance Writer - Article Added ( 02/23/2009 )

Adult Education in Maine is available in several forms to help adults continue learning throughout their lives. There are a wide variety of adult maine educational institutions dedicated to serving adults, including those specifically suited to the needs of those who are employed full-time and those with limited time or financial means.

Maine Adult Education, operated by the state government, offers GED high school equivalency learning and College Transitions courses, providing adults with the training they need in mathematics, writing, history and government, and other fields integral to success. The Maine Adult Education curriculum both grants the GED diploma and prepares students for higher education, if they wish to continue with further studies.

Higher education, however, need not be in the form of the "traditional" college experience, which may not be possible or desirable for most adults. The Maine Community College System comprises seven schools which all have a wide variety of classes at very low expense. Southern Maine Community College, for example, located in South Portland, offers courses to Maine residents for $82 per credit hour. Other branches of the Maine Community College System are located in Auburn, Bangor, Fairfield, Presque Isle, Calais, and Wells.

Beginning with Maine Adult Education and continuing through the community college system, adult learners could devise a multi-year education plan that allows them to receive the GED and higher education at a very small expense, as well as allowing them to continue working part-time or full-time while earning their degrees. Still, the Maine Education system does not end there. Many Community College students are able to transfer to Maine state universities and receive further degrees, still at a minimum of expense.

Whether seeking a degree or skill training or simply seeking to learn, Maine has a world of opportunity to offer the adult student. The possibilities available for adult students, and the variety of studies available, are virtually endless. Opportunities abound for vocational learning and job training, for self-enrichment, for advanced studies in numerous fields, for language learning, and for learning life skills. The great many things that Maine Education has to offer adults will surely have an enormous benefit for any who decide to take advantage of them. The central premise upon which such institutions are founded is that we must never stop learning, and that the lifelong pursuit of knowledge is a worthy journey indeed.

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Posted by Steve, May 11, 2009 - 08:40 am

Check out Vtech they are good and local.

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