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Anything Is Possible At The Shores Of Moosehead Lake

By Penny - Freelance Writer - Article Added ( 03/05/2009 )

The best Maine trip I ever took came about when I was sixteen and dating a young man who ventured into many outdoor activities with his family. I happened to be invited along for this journey and couldn’t have been happier or more nervous. We were going to the Moosehead Lake Region.

The Moosehead Lake Region is set amid beautiful, mountain scenery and offers much to the outdoor enthusiast. The day we kayaked around Mount Katahdin was the day I became a nature lover. With our kayaks sweeping through the crystal clear water, I saw my first moose and watched as an eagle soared overhead. Left with the feeling that anything was possible, I vowed that this particular area of God’s country was where I would spend all my Maine trips.

We spent the weekend at a smaller lake just north of Greenville. Located in Rockwood, Brassua Lake is much smaller than Moosehead Lake, but affords one many adventures. Days were spent leisurely exploring in the canoe and evenings were spent on moose watches. However, it wasn’t just moose that we were able to see. Before we left, we had recorded sightings of deer, rabbits, raccoon, and beaver in the camp log. Of all the Maine trips I had ever taken, this certainly was the most scenic and most adventurous.

As Greenville is a great tourist spot in the summer and it was my first time visiting, we joined in with many and hopped on the Katahdin Cruises and enjoyed a tour in style of Moosehead Lake. Afterwards, we spent our time visiting some of the quaint little shops in the town, including the infamous Indian Hill Trading Post.

With all of the hiking and canoeing we enjoyed, we were left hungry and spent much of our time investigating all of the dining services we could fit in. The Road Kill Café was located in Greenville and topped my list of favorites. While it is no longer in business, The Black Frog has come along by the same owners and has certainly been able to fill the expectations of a kooky menu and fun atmosphere.

Many years older, I still look upon the Moosehead Lake Region as my favorite Maine trip and since that first experience at age sixteen, I’ve been back many times. It never changes and always leaves you with the feeling that anything is possible.

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About The Author: Penny Harmon

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