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Finding Relief for Your Chronic Back Pain

By Laura - Freelance Writer - Article Added ( 08/11/2010 )

Don’t let the discomfort of chronic back pain rule your life. If you are experiencing back pain due to muscle tightness, pulled nerves, or a herniated disc, do not hesitate to contact a professional chiropractor who will work with you and your specific needs to try and get you up and running again. Roberts Chiropractic Wellness Care and Ames Wellness and Chiropractic Center are two esteemed centers in the Maine area with a reputation for quality care and expertise. Chiropractors with year of experience work with clients to help them reach a better quality of life, free from the constant impediment of back pain. 


Roberts Chiropractic Wellness Center employs activator methods chiropractors who are familiar with a wide variety of ailments and injuries. The professionals at Roberts diagnose and treat many problems associated with spinal misalignment including back pain sciatica, neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, work –related injuries and sports injuries. Roberts Chiropractic Wellness Center welcomes patients of all ages and also accepts ALL forms of insurance, including Medicare and Mainecare. If any of these ailments are serious enough to affect the way that you live your life, don’t hesitate for a moment. Contact the professionals at Roberts Chiropractic Wellness Center.

The Ames Wellness and Chiropractic Center consists of a group of professionals who work to create overall wellness and balance throughout the body. Come in for a consultation with one of Ames Wellness’ skilled chiropractors to have your body assessed. At this time the chiropractor will diagnose any existing imbalances and then develop a plan aimed at increasing your health and well being. If you have experienced any substantial blow, for example, a car accident, strain from heavy lifting, or any other trauma in the neck or spine, contact a chiropractor for a thorough examination immediately. The Ames Wellness and Chiropractic Center accepts clients of all ages and its certified professionals are sensitive to the specific needs of each client. For a consultation or to treat an existing condition, call the Ames Wellness and Chiropractic Center today.

Millions of Americans live day to day with the hassle of back pain. Don’t let this be you. Chiropractic professionals can and will work with you to help you achieve increased health and a better quality of life. There is no need to live with back aches, neck tension, sciatica, or any other ailment associated with spinal misalignment. Make your appointment today and get back to doing all the physical things in life that have been missing in your life due to back pain and spinal injuries.

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