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Maine Lobster Holds the Title of World's Best Lobster

By Penny - Freelance Writer - Article Added ( 03/05/2009 )

While once considered to be the "poor man's meat", lobster has gained a considerable reputation for being one of the most sought after gourmet treats in the world. The sweet and tender meat is often used as the main course, yet, it does well in salads and appetizers, as well. Of all the different crustaceans, however, the Maine lobster has been designated with the title of “World’s Best Lobster”.

While lobsters can be found throughout the world, the Maine lobster has many positive features that put it in a category high above the rest. The first thing you may notice with Maine lobster is their size compared to others. Both the Norway and European lobsters are much smaller than lobster from Maine. The Maine lobster is fuller, weighs an average of one and a-half to two pounds, and, in comparison to many other varieties, have much larger claws. This means that not only do you get a sweet, succulent, tender meat, you get more of it with the Maine lobster.

Maine lobster, like other types, can be cooked in many ways. While many prefer it steamed and fresh out of the pot, it can be enjoyed in many dishes, including stuffed -baked lobsters, chowders, and sandwiches. Many simply enjoy coming to Maine to feed their craving for a lobster roll that you can’t get anywhere else but Maine and often, you’ll find Mainers simply getting together for a good old-fashioned lobster bake.

Because the lobster industry is such an important part of Maine, the Maine Lobster Festival is a big hit with both Mainers and tourists alike. Held in Rockland, the festival brings in thousands of visitors and in 2008, more than twenty-thousand pounds of lobster was served.

When visiting Maine, you'll find signs everywhere that state “Fresh Maine Lobster”. From the side of the road to classy restaurants, Maine offers lobsters in abundance. For those who don’t live in Maine and are unable to visit often, there is no worry. Fresh, live Maine lobsters can be ordered from many wholesalers. They will ship it to you quickly, so you can enjoy the fresh, salty meat anytime of the year.

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