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Maine Theatre Scene: Always Entertaining

By Penny - Freelance Writer - Article Added ( 04/18/2009 )

If you find yourself with a free afternoon or evening, you will want to spend some time exploring the Maine theatres.  Whether you prefer a top notch performance from high school students around the state or you prefer the more experienced of actors, you will find the Maine theatres are filled with talented and enthusiastic players.   As Maine theatres are located all of the state, you will never be lacking for entertainment.   Whether you are a native to Maine or simply stopping by for a visit, make sure you take the time to relax and enjoy yourself by visiting one of the great theatres of Maine. 

Maine’s largest city, Portland, has a vast amount of opportunities for those who want to try their hand at acting or those who simply want to enjoy the show.   Regardless of your age,  there is something for everyone in Portland Maine theatre.  The Portland Maine theatre community is a friendly society of those who love to act and those who enjoy watching the shows.  

There are several different theatres available that offer the best in shows and the best in local entertainment.  The following are just a few of those available in the area:  Three & A Crowd Players, Shoestring Theatre, St. Lawrence Arts Center, and Good Theatre.  You will find shows available throughout the year and many opportunities to give acting a try yourself.  You will also find the Children’s Theatre of Maine at the Portland’s Children’s Museum.  This children’s theatre hosts several different shows each year and gives children of all ages a chance to find out if acting is something they would like to pursue.

In the Capital area, you’ll find Augusta theatre to be worth seeing, as well.  The two theatres near the Augusta area are the Gaslight Theatre, located in Hallowell and the Theatre at Monmouth.  Both of these theatres put on several productions each year and bring in both tourists and natives a wonderful opportunity to see Maine theatre at its finest. 

While Maine is most well-known for the lobster, moose, and rocky shoreline, you’ll find it also offers great opportunities for those who want to be entertained by Maine theatre. 

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