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Starting A Successful Small Business in Maine

By Laura - Freelance Writer - Article Added ( 08/10/2009 )

Maine is something of a small business haven. From the retail shops that line the boardwalks of Maine’s many beaches, to the independent markets, there is opportunity across the entire state of Maine to start a prosperous small business. The great success of Maine’s many small businesses is due greatly to the attitude of the locals. The people of Maine love to support the local industries, and often prefer going to an independent merchant over a chain. It is this mindset that gives many small businesses a large and loyal following.

When purchasing your business, location is key. If you are looking for instant gratification, the best place to plan your business is close to the beach. For example, in the town of York, home to both Short Sands and Long Sands Beaches, the boardwalk is always bustling with hungry tourists. Shops like Ellie May’s Sweet Toffee Crunch find immense success with visitors who pop in to purchase goodies. For food vendors especially, a location close to the beach guarantees a lucrative endeavor. Of course, there are other places where one can start a small business and find success. For example, the small town of Ogonquit has implemented a law that prevents chain businesses from taking root. In smaller towns like this, the locals depend on the small businesses for all their needs, from food to clothing. Small businesses then do not have to worry about competition from larger corporations, which provides a great advantage to the young company.

Because Maine has such a large tourism industry, many businesses are seasonal. This is an important factor to consider. A good portion of the businesses in Maine make the majority of their revenue during the summer months. However, there are many opportunities that prove lucrative year round. Stores like Sunrise Ridge Sporting Camps of Bingham, provide supplies that are in demand all year long, from winter to summer. Any store that provides camping goods can expect to see customers popping in at all times. The real estate business is another thriving field in Maine. Companies like York County Realty Co. in Kennebunkport, serve a wide area geographically and a wide clientele nationally. York County Realty aids those in purchasing, selling, and renting properties.

No matter  the nature of your small business, there is a place in Maine for you. From restaurants to supermarkets, clothing stores to camping outlets, whether it’s near the shore or at the foot of the mountains, Maine provides a friendly environment for your small business to begin and continue to flourish.

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