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Your Pet Deserves Organic Pet Treats and Pet Food

By Lill - Freelance Writer - Article Added ( 03/05/2009 )

Your Pet Deserves Organic Pet Treats and Pet Food: Good nutrition is just as important for pets as it is for people. As many of us turn to better food choices like organic and natural foods, we're rethinking that generic kibble we've been feeding Max and Whiskers. Gone are the days when dry, tan blobs are good enough for our best friend or fur-baby, as many people call their pets.

We know from what we read, nowadays, that animals need optimum nutrition to live longer and support their immune systems. We take them to the vet, buy them toys and even clothes, so why would we feed them sub-prime food? That's why organic pet food and treats are becoming more popular everyday.

Although many people think that organic food is too expensive, there are many brands that are reasonably priced, especially when you consider the superior ingredients and better nutrition that they provide your pet. After all, we don't mind paying a little more for better food for ourselves and our families, so why not do the same for our much-loved pets?

However, not all organic pet food is created equal. It's important to research the company that provides your dog or cat food to make sure that they follow the best practices when it comes to sourcing and processing the ingredients in their foods. The recent melamine in pet food scare is an example of how easily pet food can be contaminated and threaten our pets.

Look for the USDA organic seal on the label and make sure that the bag isn't ripped or stained from moisture. For cans, never purchase bulging cans or those without labels. Treats and food should always have all ingredients listed on the label and also should provide feeding directions for different sizes and ages.

Organic treats should be taken into consideration as part of your dog's or cat's total caloric intake for the day, especially if your pet is overweight. Like people, pets are experiencing an increase in obesity, so it's important to match their food with their needs. Table scraps and "people food" are not good choices. Much better to provide fresh, clean water at all times and nutritious organic pet food and treats as appropriate.

Along with plenty of attention, daily exercise, health checkups and a comfortable place to sleep, organic pet treats and food will help you keep your best friend or favorite feline healthy, vigorous and happy throughout their lives.

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About The Author: Lill Hawkins

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