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Laura - Freelance Writer

Contributing To Maine Businesses Since - 02/23/2009

Laura G
I have been freelancing a bit on the side since 1997. In 1999, I left my full time job and started to freelance write full time. I was a journalism major who wanted to be a writer. I was a reporter for a year and a half and that was to demanding. I hated the rigid hours and I was bored. As a freelancer, I enjoy much more variety and independence.

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Penny - Freelance Writer

Contributing To Maine Businesses Since - 03/05/2009

Penny Harmon
Penny Harmon is a freelance writer. Growing up in Maine, she spends her time enjoying all it has to offer, including gardening, coastal life, and small town living. http://www.pennyharmon.net

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Lill - Freelance Writer

Contributing To Maine Businesses Since - 03/06/2009

Lill Hawkins
Lill Hawkins is a freelance researcher and writer on many subjects, although home schooling and eco-conscious living are two favorites. Her articles appear at her blog,  Lill's List, in many article directories across the internet and also in print in Secular Home Schooling Magazine.

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Ellie - Freelance Writer

Contributing To Maine Businesses Since - 11/13/2017

Ellie Carter
Ellie Carter is a freelance writer. As a Maine native, she loves spending time near or on the water, hiking, doing yoga, or walking her puggle Bruno in the woods.  She is also a foodie and loves hitting up the new restaurants all over Maine.  Ellie also enjoys rooting for the Boston Celtics and listening to live music.

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