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Maine Business Listing is a Maine Internet Advertising Agency

How Do We Advertise Our Agency
Television: Maine Business Listing occasionally advertises on various tv stations through out Maine. Watch our commercial
Search Engines: Maine Business Listing receives most of its traffic through search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing.
Radio: Maine Business Listing currently advertises on various radio stations through out Maine. To hear our ad click here.
About Maine Business Listing (MBL)
Maine Business Listing has been providing its visitors with a local directory of selected businesses throughout Maine since 2002. While other directories list businesses on a much wider scale, our aim is to concentrate on providing links and information about small to medium sized businesses that out perform the competition in reliability, quality and customer service.
How Applications Are Reviewed
Maine Business Listing applications are reviewed by a board made up of local business owners, consumers and entrepreneurs. Each company is carefully reviewed and in some cases tested to make sure the consumers experience is 100% positive.
After an application has been reviewed a confirmation email will be sent out to the company either accepting or rejecting their listing. In some cases rejection feedback from the board will be passed back to the business.


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