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Junk Removal

Not sure what to do with that old couch or attic full of junk? Maine has junk removal companies that will help you get rid of the unwanted extras in your home or office. Search the Maine Business Listing Junk Removal section to find the right company for your junk removal needs.

Recycling Almanac
RecyclingAlmanac.com offers information on recycling which is one of the most effective ways to reduce damage to the environment. The blog also discus ...

Scott's Disposal Services
Dear Friends; We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company to you. First - we are a privately owned and operated company which h ...

What Do We Do? 1. We remove the things you don't need. That means we take away almost anything from old furniture, appliances and electronics to ya ...


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Getting Rid of Unwanted Junk 1-800-Got-Junk
article BY Laura