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By Laura - Freelance Writer - Article Added ( 09/17/2009 )

Few purchases in life are as important as that of a home. Anne Worth Realty understands the delicacy of selecting the perfect property, whether it be a long term rental or a permanent residency, as well as the crucial element of selling a property in a timely manner. Anne Worth Realty is a company based in Waterboro, Maine that specializes in short sales and first time home buyers. Anne Worth Realty is certified by HUD and employs several experienced veteran realtors to insure the best service for each individual client.

As a company, Anne Worth Realty prides itself in its ability to service a diverse cliental. For those interested in selling or putting a property up for lease, Anne Worth Realty has several realtors who specialize in all fields. From horse farms to historical property, Anne Worth Realty is able to cover it all. Realtors work with clients to fit their schedules, and showcase homes in the best possible manner. Anne Worth Realty coordinates Open Houses as well as individual showings to maximize the potential for a sale. One of Anne Worth Realty’s areas of expertise lies in its ability to produce a quick sale. We understand that time is extremely valuable, and our realtors work diligently to expedite a sale.

If you are not sure where you would like to make your permanent residency, leasing or renting may be the wisest choice for you. Anne Worth Realty has many rental properties that range in size and price. Currently, there are rentals available in Sanford, Waterboro, and Somersworth, but new properties are being added on a regular basis. Besides residential properties, Anne Worth Realty also offers the opportunity to rent or lease office space. Anne Worth Realty has a steady influx of quality available spaces to fit every budget, in prime locations.

For buyers, Anne Worth Realty does its best to find beautiful and affordable houses. Because it is HUD certified, Anne Worth Realty can sell property on line that HUD has repossessed. Anne Worth Realty also offers extremely affordable “fixer-upper” properties with all the potential to become gorgeous homes. Additionally, Anne Worth Realty specializes in aiding first time home buyers discover the perfect property for their needs.

So if you are considering selling, purchasing, or renting an affordable home or office in Southern Maine, consult Anne Worth Realty for all your real estate needs.

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