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Basic Guide to Find the Right Maine Realtor For You

By Penny - Freelance Writer - Article Added ( 03/05/2009 )

With a vast amount of coastline and scenic mountains, it is no wonder that many are considering making it their home. Beautiful scenery and an abundant wildlife make it the perfect place to raise a family or put your roots down. When considering purchasing property in Maine or selling your current Maine property, you will need to make certain you find someone to assist you in investigating all of the options to you. The following is some information on how to find the Maine realtor that is right for you.

The first thing you will want to do is ask your friends and family which of the Maine realtors assisted them in purchasing or selling their home and ask them what their experience entailed. Were they happy with their agent? Would they use this agent again? What made them such a great agent? Did they go above and beyond the call of duty? 

You will also want to attend a few open houses in your desired area. Watch and listen to the agent. Are they being assertive in trying to sell the house? Are they answering questions in a professional manner? Are they knowledgeable about the area? This is your chance to interview the Maine realtor without them even knowing they are being interviewed. 

To fully comprehend which of the Maine realtors may have a better chance of selling your home or assisting you in purchasing what you are looking for, take a drive around the area you live in or where you want to purchase a home. Which agent has the most signs on properties for sale? Whose name stands out above the rest? By choosing someone who has listings in the area, you’ll certainly find an agent who is familiar with the properties.

When you have three or four potential candidates, set up an appointment to interview them. As this individual will be guiding you through the process of one of the biggest purchases you can ever make, you want to make sure you are both compatible. 

When interviewing the Maine realtors you are considering, there are several questions you need to ask:

  • 1 - How long have you been in real estate?

  • 2 - What is your listing-to-sale ratio?

  • 3 - How will you help me find a home?

  • 4 - How will you help me sell my home?

  • 5 - What are your strengths compared to other Maine realtors? 

  • 6 - Can you provide references?

Once you have interviewed all your potential candidates, you will need to carefully evaluate all of the answers they gave you and follow up on the references provided. All of the information you gathered will help you decide which Maine realtor you feel will be the best to assist your in buying or selling your home.

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About The Author: Penny Harmon

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