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The Best Maine Pizza from Portland to Bangor

By Penny - Freelance Writer - Article Added ( 04/08/2009 )

How often do you get to enjoy a great Maine pizza?  Would you travel fifty miles to get a good slice of pepperoni?  Many people often find themselves searching for the best pizza and will drive miles out of their way to get it.  Maine has many top quality restaurants and many often find themselves packed with those individuals who enjoy a good slice of pizza. 

Both natives and tourists alike enjoy the unique shopping opportunities in Portland and while visiting, many stop in for some great Portland pizza.  With the freshest toppings, many find the Maine pizza irresistible when topped with some fresh Maine seafood.  A white clam pizza can often be found in the Old Port area and many come especially for the vast variety of flavors of Portland pizza. 

Located not too far from the coast of Maine is a wonderful area that boasts both a wonderful shopping district and great Auburn pizza.  Many of the small pizza shops in the area are run by those who do not simply make their pizza for profit-they make it out of a love for the aroma and the palates of their patrons.  Whether you prefer a brick-oven pizza with seafood toppings or one with fresh vegetables, you will be sure to get your taste buds satisfied with some great Auburn pizza. 

Over the last year, Bangor has become well known for its entertainment in slot machines.  However, when visiting the area, you will want to stop in for some Bangor pizza.   With fresh vegetables grown in the state, you’ll find your choice of toppings on this pizza to be the best.  From spinach and tomatoes to onions and peppers, you will enjoy every bite of your Bangor pizza and are sure to come back for more.

While Maine offers a great outdoor adventure to both tourists and natives, you will find there is so much more.   Maine pizza is considered to be one of the best in the states and from Portland to Bangor, you‘ll find the best.  Made with fresh ingredients, you will find the toppings to be a delightful tantalizing treat.  After all, nothing could be better than a fresh Maine pizza with a lobster topping!

Check Out: ZAPIZZA! Market & Eatery in Auburn or Flat Breads in Portland, Maine

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