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By Laura - Freelance Writer - Article Added ( 03/04/2010 )

Holistic healing addresses the needs of the person as a whole: those of the physical body, emotional body, the mind, and soul. Sandra Maguire, Certified Ayurvedic Consultant and Reiki Master, offers ayurvedic consultations, therapies, and healing energy medicine sessions. Ayurveda is a system of medicine has been successfully practiced for thousands of years. Ayurveda is built on the principle that we are all a part of nature, and we are affected by everything around us.  Each person is a unique combination of the five elements (ether, air, water, fire, and earth) and the three energies of the body (vata, pitta, kapha). Through Ayurveda, we seek to understand the unique complexities of each individual, with the goal of achieving optimal health of a healthy body, and a peaceful mind.

At Sattva Health and Wellness, clients and staff work together to find the underlying cause of illnesses and health concerns. When working with clients, Sandra looks to correct imbalances that lie at the root of many health problems. Ayurveda is aimed at understanding what may have lead to the presentation of specific symptoms, and then bringing clients back into balance through simple, natural therapies.  Symptoms are alleviated as the body heals itself of accumulated imbalances or disease. If medication is necessary to manage a condition, clients will continue to work with their medical doctor, while Sandra explores ways to complement and enhance healing.

If you are looking to augment traditional western medicine with a holistic approach, have the desire to learn how to make daily lifestyle and dietary changes that will positively affect your long term health, and would like to develop the art of living in harmony with nature, Ayurveda may be the perfect choice for you.

Ayurveda has been effective in treating a wide variety of conditions including anxiety, depression, weight gain, digestive problems, infertility, pms and menopause, allergies, chronic headaches, and many more. Interested clients can schedule an appointment to receive a detailed consultation which may include recommendations for dietary changes, subtle adjustments to daily routine, effective exercise and yoga practice for each clients’ specific constitution, natural herbal supplements to support the body and mind, meditation and pranayama (breathing) instruction, and other beneficial lifestyle alterations.

There is a variety of beautiful ayurvedic therapies available at Sattva Health and Wellness. Shirodhara is one of the most effective healing therapies available. While the client is reclined comfortably on a massage table and covered with a blanket, warm herbalized oil is poured in a gentle stream over the forehead between the brows (also called the third eye or sthaphani marma), and in a rhythmic pattern over the forehead.  This allows for deep rest and invokes the release of tension. Shirodhara calms an overactive mind, soothes the nervous system, reduces stress, anxiety, fear, and mental exhaustion, improves sleep patterns and restores balance to body, mind and soul. This therapy synchronizes brain waves and enhances blood circulation to the brain, creating a deep sense of calm and well being.

Kati Basti is another herbal oil treatment in which a dough dam is used to retain therapeutic oil in the lower region of the back. This treatment provides great relief to clients experiencing back and abdominal pain. The purifying oils are absorbed by the muscles and encourage greater strength and flexibility. Similarly, Griva Basti is applied to the cervical region of the neck to treat chronic neck and shoulder pain, while janu basti specifically addresses the knees. The superior quality of the oils is key to the effectiveness of these treatments, and Sattva Health and Wellness uses only the best therapeutic herbalized oils available.

If you are interested in experiencing the numerous benefits of an Ayurvedic lifestyle or Energy Medicine, and are ready to make changes that can significantly improve your quality of life, please contact Sandra Maguire for an appointment. We will work together to support you on your personalized wellness journey toward optimal health and happiness. Call 207-838-1602 or email sandra@sattvahealthandwellness.com

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