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DIGIKIDS is the nation's number 1 all digital child safety ID product

By Laura - Freelance Writer - Article Added ( 02/23/2010 )

In the ever evolving world of technology, experts have developed a product that delivers peace of mind to parents everywhere. The first twenty minutes following a child’s disappearance are the most crucial and providing the police and the community with an accurate child profile is key in the recovery of a child. DIGIKIDS is the nation’s number 1 all digital child safety ID product. DIGIKIDS is devoted to bringing parents greater confidence in the unfortunate situation that a child is lost or missing. The DIGIKIDS staff goes on site to schools, daycares, and DIGIKIDS events to create child ID kits in as little as two minutes. 

How exactly does the DIGIKIDS system work? A comprehensive profile, including high resolution photograph and medical information is composed onsite by certified DIGIKIDS staffers all across the country. The profile is transferred to the business card size DIGIKIDS CD that can be played on any PC. DIGIKIDS always puts safety first, and because of this, DIGIKIDS does not keep an online database in order to protect its customers from being vulnerable to identity theft. In times of duress, it is often recorded that parents cannot accurately account for even basic details concerning their children. And even if the parent is able to give a good physical description, it is unlikely that he or she will have a quality photo. DIGIKIDS has a solution. The DIGIKIDS CD has detailed information that can be accessed by logging onto any computer and placing the CD in the CD-Rom drive. From the computer, a report detailing all the child’s important information can be sent to the police, newspapers, and the general community. The DIGIKIDS CD also provides police with two high resolution photographs: one headshot and one profile shot. 

Though the DIGIKIDS CD is the most important component of the DIGIKIDS kit, the kit would not be complete without the DIGIKIDS PVC ID Card, the safety carrying sleeve, the Be Prepared Home Fingerprint and DNA kit, and the handbook of safety tips and parent resources. The PVC ID Card provides parents with a complete Child ID when a computer is unavailable. The Fingerprint and DNA kit adds yet another level of security and assurance that your child will be found and correctly identified. The collection of tips and resources helps to prepare parents in case of a lost child and provides them with instructions as to the best response.

Remember, the first twenty minutes are the most critical in the search for a lost child. Being unprepared for such an event is simply not an option. DIGIKIDS cares enough about parents and their children to go onsite and ensure that all will be prepared in case of an emergency. Protect your child and consult one of the DIGIKIDS staff to create an ID for your child today.

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