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Gray & New Gloucester Gazette: Tradition of Local News Through the Internet

By Laura - Freelance Writer - Article Added ( 09/01/2009 )

In our fast paced world, the tradition of sitting at the morning breakfast table with coffee and a newspaper seems to be vanishing. At the Gray & New Gloucester Gazette, the timeless tradition of local news is being fused with the modernity of the digital media to provide an accessible avenue for local news and sports.

The Gray & New Gloucester Gazette is a local Maine newspaper, serving the Gray and New Gloucester communities. In May of 2009, the Gazette launched its Internet based news publication for the general public. The Gazette has become the Flagship publication of Maine Hometown News LLC, MHN hopes to launch other local publication throughout Maine and New England a s well as provide the platform, hosting and technical support to existing pare publications wishing to enter the digital scene. Since its debut, The Gray & Gloucester Gazette has met with great success. 

The MHN model that it has adopted has many benefits. Publishing content online is extremely cost effective, with an extreme reduction in production fees, and no distribution fees. Since there is less dependency on advertising income, the quality of pieces and the overall content are always the first priorities at the Gray & New Gloucester Gazette. The MHN model is also in fashion with the move to become environmentally friendly. Internet based publications require no paper or processing.

Readers have praised the Gray & New Gloucester Gazette for its traditional layout. Visually, the online newspaper emulates the traditional newspaper. This is extremely appealing to those readers who enjoy the format and organization of a paper publication. However, one advantage of an Internet publication lies in its ability to connect with the rest of the world. The Gazette’s website contains helpful links to many organizations such as the public library and the local television station. From the website one can also access, the town of New Gloucester website, The Creative New Gloucester Organization, and the local weather.

The Gray & New Gloucester Gazette is also extremely interested in involving the community in the publication process. In the future, the Gazette hopes to provide a “Lite” version of the platform for school use. Students will one day feel the gratification of seeing their own articles posted on the World Wide Web. This outlet will prove lucrative in terms of fundraising as well. By selling advertisement space to local businesses on the Gazette website, students will be able to fundraise more effectively and receive more exposure.

The Gray & New Gloucester Gazette is the future of journalism. With its combination of devotion to the traditional newspaper, and adaptation to the new media, it provides local readers with the best of both worlds.

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