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Great Falls Marketing: Quality in Health Product Marketing

By Laura - Freelance Writer - Article Added ( 07/22/2009 )

Healthcare is a constantly evolving field, and new healthcare products are constantly being put on the market. In this fast paced arena, the best marketing is necessary for a company to inform the public of its products and see successful rates of revenue. For years, Great Falls Marketing has worked with its many clients to create successful direct-response advertisements. Based in Auburn, Maine, Great Falls Marketing provides multiple services in telesales and advertising using the latest technology and software.

Great Falls Marketing serves health product marketers looking to launch new campaigns in direct-response sales. As Great Falls aids a client in the launch of a campaign, each step of the process is carefully planned and scrutinized. Before a launch, an expert campaign management group guides the client in scripting, voice prompts, and reporting formats to ensure that the operation will be carried out with ease. While the campaign is being prepared, agents are introduced to trainers so they will be fully prepared to sell the products immediately following the launch of the campaign.

Great Falls Marketing’s greatest strength lies in its salesmanship. Its sales professionals are all trained specifically in the products that they sell. Great Falls Marketing is so confident in its ability to sell, that it employs a revenue based payment policy; to sell product is not only the clients’ greatest priority, but Great Falls Marketing’s greatest priority as well. Great Falls employs what is called a two-fold approach. First time buyers are targeted with auto-ship programs, customized follow-up reorder, and companion up-sell, to make first time shoppers lasting customers. Non buyers are enticed to make a purchase with specially time formulated discounts and other techniques. This devotion to sales improves revenue, and the pro-active approach of Great Falls Marketing helps companies to launch lucrative projects.

Great Falls Marketing also has a commitment to honest and accurate call reports. Unlike many other companies, Great Falls promises to deliver details on every call that is generated, including short calls and abandoned calls. Great Falls believes that the examination of these statistics can help to improve the approach that a sale representative takes when speaking to a prospective buyer. Honesty with clients is one of many attributes that has helped make Great Falls Marketing the premier company in telesales.

Source: http://www.greatfallsmarketing.com

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