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By Laura - Freelance Writer - Article Added ( 07/02/2010 )

For local artisans of Maine, jewelry making is truly a refined art that reflects both the natural beauty of Maine and the culture of the people. Each piece of handmade jewelry is totally unique and created with care and the utmost devotion to creating a specific aesthetic. Handcrafted jewelry makes both a wonderful gift for the special people in your life as well as a souvenir to memorialize a Maine experience. While in Maine, be sure to stop by Harvest Gold Jewelry Gallery, and The Silver Hand, and browse online at the Silver Frog to satisfy your handmade jewelry craving.


For over twenty-five years, Harvest Gold Jewelry Gallery has been producing gorgeous jewelry from the foot of the White Mountains. Owners Lynda and Bill are devoted to ensuring the organic experience of the client, and the beautiful backdrop of the White Mountains and Kezar Lake guarantee a jewelry buying experience entirely unique. Clients are not simply purchasing a piece of jewelry; they are purchasing a piece of Maine. Together the master goldsmith create earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings. They make use of only the finest materials including gold, silver, and a variety of precious gems. Harvest Gold has even created a line of custom wedding bands. For high end jewelry, with a nod to the natural beauty of Maine, visit Harvest Gold Jewelry Gallery.

The Silver Hand is yet another unique company where an individual’s passion for art is translated into beautiful jewelry. The Silver Hand, located in Bath, aims to provide customers with the best quality in jewelry at an affordable price. With a special selection including beadwork and silver, The Silver Hand is sure to be a hit with any client.

 For those of you who can’t make it up to Maine, The Smiling Frog is the premier online outlet for handcrafted jewelry. The Smiling Frog’s inventory includes a wide selection of jewelry, clothing, and other handmade jewelry & accessories. Visit Smiling Frog and browse the wide selection of items. Their website features high resolution pictures and detailed descriptions to make purchasing fast and convenient. With a range of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, brooches, and even a selection of home décor, The Smiling Frog has beautiful handmade jewelry in both modern and vintage styles.

Whether you choose to shop online or prefer to visit Maine in person, the many jewelry boutiques make wearing a little piece of Maine easy. With beautiful wares, and selections to suit the taste of any client, there is something in Maine handcrafted jewelry for everyone. Log online or head up to Maine today to find genuine craftsmanship with the finest artistry.

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