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Identifying Common Drain and Sewer Problems

By Lill - Freelance Writer - Article Added ( 09/25/2015 )

When you have a water backup in your home, it’s easy to let your mind drift to the worst case scenario. Is your main sewer line clogged? Did a pipe burst? The reality is that most drain and sewer problems are easier to fix than you think. Take a look at the most common problems and how we fix them.

We tried to snake a drain and made the problem worse. What gives?

Without the proper equipment, you could be shoving debris further into the T junction, where it gets stuck and makes your clog worse than when you started. In cases like these, it’s best to call a professional, who can open the access panel and do a thorough cleaning of the branch line. Depending on the situation, we can do this with power snaking or high pressure water jetting.

I have a persistent fruit fly problem. Are my drains to blame?

Plumbing fixtures have water traps in the U-Bends that hold a couple cups of water to prevent odor. When there are cracks in the plumbing and the water drains, flies can get out and odors can become worse. To see if you have a crack, create a mixture of hot water and bleach and pour them down your problem drains. If the issue persists, you’ll have to contact a professional to address it.

I think my sewer might be backed up. How do I know if it is my problem or the city’s?

When it comes to your sewer, you’ll want an experienced technician to come out and identify the source of the problem. If you have tried anti-clogging products to no avail, a technician can run a camera down through your piping to see what is causing the backup. You may have roots that need to be scrubbed out of the interior of the piping. While some people like to avoid the extra expense, this can keep your lines from cracking and spilling raw sewage in the future.

If you have any further questions, or would like to take advantage of Seacoast Sewer and Drain’s superior services, please
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