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Maine-ly Photos Moose and Photo Safaris: Guided Maine Moose Tours

By Laura - Freelance Writer - Article Added ( 10/05/2009 )

Revered for its wild, natural, beauty, Maine has become one of New England’s premier tourist destinations for the scenery alone. In its quest to help visitors explore the gorgeous Maine terrain, “Maine-ly Photos” Moose and Photo Safaris of Millinocket, Maine, has been offering moose tours and photo safaris for over twelve years. “Maine-ly Photos” Moose and Photo Safaris provides tourists with a clean, comfortable, way to observe nature at its best and capture genuine photos of Maine’s moose. Above all, Moose and Photo Safaris prides itself on being Maine’s only Moose Safari with a money back guarantee. If you do not see moose on your moose safari, there is a 100% money back guarantee, see web site for details.

“Maine-ly Photos” Moose and Photo Safaris is located in Millinocket of the Katahdin Region part of the Maine Highlands, an area often called, “Moose Country.” Here in Millinocket, among the woodlands, marshlands, and lush vegetation, the moose thrive. In the past, “Maine-ly Photos” Moose and Photo Safaris has had great success in its tours. For many years, thirty six moose was a record high for a single tour. On one occasion in recent years, thirty-nine moose were seen in the space of a five hour tour. These majestic animals are an integral part of Maine’s wildlife, and “Maine-ly Photos” Moose and Photo Safaris provides visitors with a safe way to maximize the chances of viewing moose. Often, visitors are able to see moose from a distance as little as thirty-five feet. “Maine-ly Photos” Moose and Photo Safaris also tries to bring variety into its tours. Tours may be given in parts of Baxter State Park, the West Branch, and sometimes parts of both! Tour guides always do their best to insure the superior quality of the tour given.

These tours are also ideal for people who would otherwise be physically incapable of touring Maine on foot. Tours are given from the comfort of an air conditioned van, and while there are many opportunities for stopping and spending time outside, it is not a physically demanding endeavor. “Maine-ly Photos Moose and Photo Safaris offers Safaris from a van because it is much more versatile than boats or kayaks. In a boat you are limited to that body of water and if the moose do not come out there during your tour you are out of luck. The van is much more versatile because if you do not see moose in one location it can be moved easily to other spots many times in one evening. Even in poor weather, “Maine-ly Photos” Moose and Photo Safaris is able to conduct a successful tour due to the expertise of its guides and their vast knowledge of the region. For the convenience of its customers, “Maine-ly Photos” Moose and Photo Safaris also provides affordable overnight accommodations.

“Maine-ly Photos” Moose and Photo Safaris offers the ideal activity for families and individuals alike. Whether you are a child, or an adult, you are never too old to be in awe of the beauty of nature. To capture Maine at its most beautiful, and to behold some of the world’s most amazing creatures, the moose, consult “Maine-ly Photos” Moose and Photo Safaris for your tour today.

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