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Nvest Financial Group: Maine-Licensed Investment Advisor & Financial Planning

By Laura - Freelance Writer - Article Added ( 10/06/2009 )

There comes a time in every person’s life when he or she must sit down and set financial goals for the long term. At this time, you may be asking yourself, where should I invest my money? What will my income look like ten years from now? But most importantly, what can I do to secure my income and make intelligent financial decisions, so that I can live out my life’s dream? There is a group of people who care enough to answer all these questions and put you in the right direction striving towards fulfilling those dreams. At Nvest Financial Group, the goal is to build strong and lasting relationships between the members of the group and the clients. The client is always the first priority and Nvest is passionate about helping people live out their life’s passion.

Nvest Financial Group is headed by Nichole D. Raftopoulos, founder and president of the company. Nichole is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Practitioner as well as a Maine-Licensed Investment Advisor. She has been invested in the business of financial planning for over 15 years, working to help people not only set goals for their financial lives, but to plan and prioritize all facets of their lives. She takes a truly personal approach towards each client, and she views clients not as numbers, but as individuals. 

Nvest Financial Group provides a variety of financial planning services, for the future of your business and the future of your personal life. Services include, estate planning, retirement planning, business planning, taxation, risk management, and accumulation, to name the basics. You know what you want to do with your life. Do not allow the technicalities of finances hold you back from truly living life to the fullest. Turn to the team at Nvest Financial Group. No matter your priority, the experts at Nvest Financial group are devoted to helping you make your long term financial and life goals a reality.

So for help in all aspects of planning your financial life, turn to Nvest Financial Group. With a team of qualified people to support you, working to make your dreams become a reality has never been more plausible. Remember, “We will help you Envision your future. We ask that you Entrust us to be your financial partner. We will work together to Enrich your life.” At Nvest Financial Group, it is about more than just building a bank account; it’s about building a relationship and a life.

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