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Cunningham Investigations: Private Investigators Serving Maine and New Hampshire

By Laura - Freelance Writer - Article Added ( 08/31/2009 )

Since its establishment in 1986, Cunningham Investigations has provided service in the field of private investigation to those in the Maine and New Hampshire area from its base in Portland, Maine. Because each Investigator is license, insured, and bonded, Cunningham Investigations is able to provide only the best and most accurate information to its clients. Each Investigator comes to Cunningham with at least five years of experience in his area of expertise, ranging from law enforcement to computer forensic investigation, and the investigators work closely with clients to achieve their purpose. Cunningham Investigations is also a member of the Maine Licensed Private Investigators Association.

Cunningham Investigations is a private company that addresses all civil cases, from divorce and family investigations, to cases involving medical malpractice and corporate investigations. Cunningham Investigations also provides criminal records checks, background investigations, GPS tracking, and personal protection among other things. Cunningham Investigations specializes in civil cases, but is not limited to this field. In its history, individual private investigators have worked with a wide variety of clients, and Cunningham Investigations has earned a solid reputation as a reliable and honest company.

 In situations that call for a private investigator, handling the matter with stealth and delicacy is essential. For this reason, Cunningham Investigations chooses to hire only the best and most experienced. No matter what one’s needs entail, Cunningham Investigations’ staff of specially trained private investigators will work one on one with clients to gain the desired information with complete discretion. For over twenty three years, Cunningham’s team of private investigators have been equipped with only the most sophisticated technology, such as high definition film and photography. In a world where forensic evidence is considered more reliable than an eye witness account, it is indispensible to have photographic and video evidence.

Additionally, Cunningham Investigations provides subpoena services through its subdivision, Maine Subpoena Services, also located in Portland, Maine. To utilize the subpoena service, one must contact Maine Subpoena Services through the website. Maine Subpoena Services holds a guaranteed 12-24 hour response time.

So if ever you find yourself in a compromised situation as a spouse or if you are an employer interested in carrying out a background check for potential employees, Cunningham Investigations promises to deliver accurate results as quickly as possible. Serving Maine and New Hampshire for over twenty three years, and among its founders boasting more than forty years of experience, Cunningham Investigations is the firm to consult in all matters of private investigation.

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