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The Business of Passion: The Potters House Journey

By Lill - Freelance Writer - Article Added ( 08/31/2015 )

 A recurring theme in business success is passion. Without passion in business, many small businesses fall flat within their first years. The Potter’s House in Litchfield, Maine, represents the culmination of one family’s passion for pottery.

Since 1983, Mary K Spencer has been a professional potter. Her artistic and professional path led her to an established pottery production studio in Maine where she fine-tuned her skills as an artist and functional pottery producer. Now, she and her husband, Jeff, work side by side in a pottery studio near their home in Litchfield. The custom, hand-crafted and painted art pieces are also available online and in pottery venues throughout New England.

Aside from passion, small businesses are often driven by an experience and/or dedication to a cause. Artists, in particular, gravitate to a wide range of social, political, religious, and medical organizations and causes. For the Spencers, Alzheimer’s was particularly influential, and this concern is reflected in many art pieces. Now, the proceeds of certain mugs produced by the family are available for sale. 10% of the proceeds benefit a local adult daycare that Mary K’s mother, who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, attended.

As with many small businesses, The Potter’s House is a family affair. Jeff Spencer is a self-taught artist who works in a variety of mediums. Their daughter, Denae Spencer, primarily focuses on digital and ceramic art. The full time studio that the family runs today is open to the public, and Mary K is also available for consultation on custom pottery projects. The pottery Mary K works on is artistically designed, hand-crafted, and fully functional.  

To learn more about how this talented family has turned their love of art into a lifelong passion and business, visit their site online at www.thepottershouse.com, stop by the studio, or discover the many shops where the work is available for purchase. 

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About The Author: Lill Hawkins

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