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The Right Massage For Every Body

By Lill - Freelance Writer - Article Added ( 03/05/2009 )

If you're unsure about whether a massage therapist could help you feel better or which massage style is right for you, here are some questions you might ask yourself. First of all, what do you want the massage to do for you? Are you under stress and hoping that a body massage can help loosen your muscles and relieve tightness in your neck and back?

Do you have a condition that leaves you in pain most of the time such as arthritis or back problems? Do you wonder if a massage would help lessen the pain and help you manage the condition? Or do you just feel like you'd like to indulge yourself with a body massage that relaxes you and stimulates your circulation until your skin is glowing and you feel pampered.

As any massage therapist will tell you, there are different types of massage for different conditions and situations. While they're all designed to make you feel better, picking the right style of massage is very important. From Swedish massage with its emphasis on relaxation and increased energy, to chair massage at the local mall, to infant massage and massage as part of physical therapy - there's a massage style that's right for everyone.

And while just about any massage will increase your sense of well-being, there are some that are specifically designed to do other things, such as improve your athletic performance or help you recover from a physically debilitating illness. (There's even pet massage so that your best friend can benefit too.)

Infant massage is a wonderful way for parents to bond with their babies and children often are helped to overcome physical and mental health issues with massage. Conditions such as ADD and learning problems respond to massage as does insomnia. Elderly people find that massage makes them more energetic and eases the aches and pains of aging bodies. It also gives them the human contact that may be lacking as we get older.

A massage therapist can help you pinpoint exactly what you want from a massage and lead you to the right style for your particular problem. Most massage therapists are skilled in more than one style of massage or can refer you to someone who specializes in the one that fits you best. It can take several sessions before you see real relief, although most people feel some improvement after the first session.

Along with massage, many massage therapists offer other therapeutic services such as Reiki, aromatherapy or herbal therapy. These adjuncts can help with stress reduction or therapy for chronic conditions. It's not unusual for people undergoing massage to experience an almost Zen-like feeling of utter relaxation combined with rejuvenation. Many say that they feel energized and refreshed after their massage and that may be why massage therapists are always in demand. Whether for medical reasons or to revive your tired body, the right massage can make all the difference to your health and your well-being.

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