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The Top Six Maine Products

By Laura - Freelance Writer - Article Added ( 05/22/2014 )

Maine is a beautiful state famous for a variety of much loved delights. Maine products offer something for everyone and include:

  1. Lobster. Lobsters flourish in the cool, calm ocean waters of Maine. Perhaps this is why lobster is one of the most famous Maine products. With countless lobsters enjoyed by Americans each year, over 90 percent of them originate from Maine.

  2. Blueberries. A fruit loved by all, blueberries have a wide variety of uses. From jams and jellies to pies and cakes, this Maine product tickles the taste buds of many Americans. Despite the cold, harsh Maine winters, these little berries have managed to thrive. In fact, almost all of our country’s blueberries come from Maine.

  3. Apples. When the leaves begin to turn, Maine prepares for a major apple harvest. The state is known for growing a variety of different apples, and oftentimes, the harvested fruits are turned into other delicious Maine products, such as cider or juice.

  4. Maple syrup. A staple of many mornings, maple syrup comes from countless maple trees found all across the state of Maine, making it a much loved Maine product. The delicious syrup is gathered in the winter months and makes up over 10 percent of America’s maple syrup supply.

  5. Potatoes. Of all Maine products, perhaps the most surprising is the potato. This vegetable grows unaffected by the cold, making Maine one of the foremost potato growing states in America.

  6. Tourmaline. Designated as the official gemstone of Maine, tourmaline is often discovered in an array of vibrant colors. This Maine product is usually turned into unique pieces of stunning jewelry. Whats Your Favorite?

Source: Maine Products

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