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Maine State Records
Phone: 207-747-3802
Address: ,
Portland, Maine 04103
Years In Biz: Less Then 1 Year
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Maine State Records Business Profile:

Maine State Records simplifies the process of searching for a variety of court records, which includes civil court results, criminal court sentences, legal decisions, and other public records.

Court records are open and available to the population as a result of Freedom of Information Act and their equivalents present in every state, meaning any American can access the activities and occurrences associated with a trial or court event. This means that the facts of lawsuits, bankruptcy findings, lien judgements, criminal trials and civil trials are all available for perusal and study. Only when a record is redacted, sealed, nullified, or otherwise specified as classified will the record be unavailable. This is often the situation with juvenile criminal court records, divorce records (which are usually only accessible to people getting divorced and their legal advisors), sealed birth records (for closed adoptions), or in cases of victim anonymity. Outside these exclusions, all court records are viewed as open and accessible to anyone, including civil court records, trial court records, criminal court records, and more.

Using Maine State Records shortens the entire process of obtaining your record, and only requires a name, or an address to get started. Type in a name, type in an address, and State Records will get every available corresponding record. This includes both digital and digitized records, meaning your search may even yield results from the early twentieth century.

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