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Maine Coon Cats Are A Special Breed

By Lill - Freelance Writer - Article Added ( 03/05/2009 )

The official Maine state cat is the Maine Coon Cat and is the second-most popular cat breed in the world according to the CFA. It's not surprising that this intelligent, blocky-bodied companion of sea captains and woodsmen is prized for its mouse-catching ability and even temperament. Although very companionable, most Maine Coon Cats aren't lap cats. They're more likely to sit near you or follow you around as you go from room to room.


Slower to mature than many breeds, Maine Coons never lose their playfulness and act kittenish even when they're fully grown. This is one of the traits that endears them to their owners. While the females can be quite dignified as adults, the males usually are willing to play the clown to amuse their favorite people. Both genders are famous for their hunting ability and also for their attraction to water. Many people believe that this is a result of their early history as boat-dwelling cats.

Other people believe that Maine Coons originated when Marie Antoinette sent six of her pet cats over to Wiscasset, Maine just before she was executed. It's a nice story, but probably closer to the truth is the theory that Maine Coons are a cross between native American cats and European breeds that might have come over to Maine with the Vikings. Lending support to this theory is the fact that the Maine cat resembles very much the Norwegian Forest Cat, another denizen of a place where cold, snowy winters are the norm.

There is absolutely no truth to the legend that Maine Coons are a cross between cats and racoons. It's scientifically impossible for this to occur, although there are documented cases of domestic cats and bobcats mating, which might explain the furry ear tufts and the fur between the toes on the Maine Coon. The fur between the toes and the Maine Coon's large feet - some with extra toes - act like snowshoes to help it navigate without sinking in the winter. Its long, very fluffy tail can wrap around its ears and nose to keep them from getting frostbite.

From the time that the first Maine Coon Cat won Best of Show at Madison Square Garden in 1895 to the present, Maine Coons have been treasured by people who want more than a beautiful lap warmer. Because it gets along well with children and other pets, you'll often find Maine Coons in a multi-pet household, where it exhibits great patience, although it can be a bit reserved with strangers.

One of the Maine Coons most interesting traits is the small meow that comes out of this large cat's mouth and how rarely they  make any sound at all. Content to silently observe its favorite admirers, the Maine Coon Cat, like most Mainers, has a relaxed attitude toward life that sets it apart from other more highly-strung cat breeds. This Maine cat, so at home in the forests and snowy backyards of the Pine Tree State, will always have a special place in the hearts of Mainers - and cat lovers all over the world.

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About The Author: Lill Hawkins

Maine Coon Cat For Sale
Posted by Jennifer Towe, November 06, 2009 - 11:55 am

I have a black Maine Coon cat he has a v on his nose which is white and 4 white paws that look like socks. His name is Ody he is about 5 years old. I cant care for him any longer..I dont know what to price him at so I am going to ask $450. If that is a wrong price please let me know..

Thank You,
Jennifer Towe

Maine Coon cats
Posted by Patty, April 14, 2009 - 07:57 am

I think you have done a very good job of describing the breed's temperament. I'd say half of my kittens are very much 'lap cats,' but all are happy little dudes! And they really do get along well with dogs, almost better than they do with other breeds of cats.

Their skin and coat are also different from many cat breeds. They have very thin skin, rather than a hide, and many people who are allergic to cats (like myself!) are not allergic to Coons because their skin doesn't flake. Their hair is very fine, and if you are interested in spinning, it would make excellent yarn!

They are trainable like a dog, too. For the adventurous, they can be leash-trained and go for walks! In terms of travel, the best thing of all is that they don't throw up in the car! They love getting out for a ride, especially if it is NOT a trip to the vet's!

They are generally smart and attentive, and if you are very lucky, you will hear them chirp. They have a chirping sound they make when they are alone and thinking of how to entertain themselves. It really is odd the first time you hear it, and you wonder if you just imagined it.

Good article!
Patty, Thornplum CATTERY

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